Cheap Holiday Destinations

We all love to travel but sometimes dismiss the plan of exploring the world due to expensive itineraries. Perhaps, do you think that every traveler is a wealthy person? The answer is NO. however, traveling is not expensive if it is planned and executed properly.

The place where you are traveling even matters and, in the list, given below, we have even mentioned some of the places that are hard on pockets but you can still explore them. Just remember that time matters in every aspect of life.

So, here are some of the cheap holiday destinations in the world. Read till the end and let us know where will you visit next.

Here you go!!



Vietnam is the healthiest and the cheapest destination in Asia. Unlike many other countries, you can try out the street foods of Vietnam without the fear of experiencing an upset stomach. You can get a soup with rice noodles, semi-thick broth, sunk veggies, and pork with cilantro in just 1.50 USD.

Perhaps, if you are a coffee person then a cup of coffee will only cost you 1 USD. So, isn’t the food cheap compared to other countries? While it is all about getting around the place then you can easily rent a motorbike and enjoy your whole day.

But if you feel uncomfortable, which is quite possible due to the roads and traffic of Vietnam then there are ride-sharing apps like Uber which is known as GrabBike. It is the most common app available in the major cities which costs as low as 0.25 USD for every 2 kilometers.

On the other hand, there are public transportations available for long-distance and these are even affordable. Moreover, the accommodations in Vietnam are even easy to find and cost-efficient compared to any other destinations in the world.


Laos is a Southeast Asian country that is very popular for the amazing landscapes, French colonial architecture, and Buddhist monasteries. It is one of those destinations where you can keep your budgets between 30 USD a day.

However, the cost of the accommodations is a bit pricier compared to any other Southeast Asian country. Most of the activities are cheap and for instance, you will only have to spend 2.50 USD to see the most beautiful waterfall in the world.

Whereas, the list does not end here because with just 7 USD you can enjoy the tubing experience in the Vang Vieng River. Moreover, 6 USD can grant you an amazing massage. Renting a motorbike is the best option to get around small towns. This destination has many hotels now compared to a few years back and these hotels are mainly for the backpackers.

However, if you are traveling solo then you can check into such budget-friendly accommodations. But if you want a comfortable room for yourself then just spending 35 USD with grant you a room that might cost 100 USD in the USA.


The interesting fact about Indonesia is that it is cheap as well as an expensive holiday destination. Therefore, it always depends on you which end of the itinerary you want to choose. Transportation in Indonesia can be expensive if you choose to travel from one island to another on private boats.

Perhaps, if you want to save money then stick to regions rather than traveling to distant destinations. You can plan your Indonesia itinerary in such a manner where you will visit one place but explore deeply.

This will give you a meaningful experience and it will even be easy on your pockets. On the other hand, if you want to travel far away and also on a budget then local transportations are the only solution.

Whereas, the food and drink are cheap everywhere in the country. Activities such as hiking, chasing waterfalls, and spending time by the beach will cost very little as well. Accommodations are even cheaper due to the number and availability.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the best options for a cheap holiday destination. You can spend a great time in a small fortune. The most expensive activities in this country are Safaris and exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

You will need to spend around 40 to 45 USD if you wish to explore the expensive side of this Southeast Asian country. Other than that, Sri Lanka can be explored in just 30 USD a day. You do not have to spend much on food, accommodation, and transportation whereas, the internet is even cheap here.

However, you won’t find free WIFI everywhere but the cost of the internet won’t create a huge difference. Unlike other countries, Uber and taxis are cheaper than taking rental bikes in Sri Lanka.

Moreover, you can even share taxi rides with people from your hotel and that will even lower your transportation cost from the regular price. Whereas, you can travel to many places in just 5 USD a day.



Georgia is an underrated destination in Europe that is very beautiful and at the same time affordable as well. Moreover, the good news is that people of any nationality can enter this country without visas and stay here for a year.

Accommodations are at a reasonable price range and you can grab a meal for just 3 USD. The local transportations are even cheaper compared to other destinations. For instance, a local minibus ride will cost you less than 1 USD.

On the other side, the entrance fee of the museum and other sites are less than 2 USD. You can go on hiking with the locals as they are friendly. If you do not prefer trips like this then there are even day trips as well. These trips include hiking and monasteries visits.

It is one of the best ways to spend time in Georgia if you are first time travel and these are even easy on the pockets as well.


Ukraine can be a challenging country to visit because of language barriers. But it is a perfect location if you are searching for a cheap and adventurous destination in Europe. It is due to the devalued currency factor that makes it affordable to travel for backpackers.

For instance, a dorm room in Ukraine is for 150 UAH a night and that is around 6 USD. To be more precise, if you want to spend your night in a good hotel then all you have to spend is 10 to 12 USD.

On the other hand, transportation, sightseeing, and food are all very cheap. There are even street-side food stalls with good quality food that you should try. In this manner, you will not find the necessity to head to high-end restaurants.

Moreover, if you want to taste the authentic Ukrainian food then nothing is better than these local food stalls.


It might sound interesting to know that even Greece falls under the cheap holiday destination list. Yes, it is true but the crucial point about traveling to Greece in the budget is the TIME. The cost of everything remains at a peak during the summer season.

So, if you are thinking of visiting Greece during July and August then it will be a bad decision for backpackers. These are the hottest and busiest time in Greece. However, you can visit this beautiful country a few weeks before or after the summer season.

This will help you to explore the place in budget and with lower crowds. Dining out in some posh restaurant in Greece can be very expensive and to avoid that you can buy fresh produce from the market for making you won meals.

Whereas there are many affordable seafood restaurants by the beach therefore you can head to them and order an amazing platter. As far as activities, there are many free walk tours in Greece and you can stick with them if you are interested. While you are thinking of long-distance travel then keep in mind that domestic flights are cheaper than other transportations.


If you are in love with turquoise water, nature and parties then there is no perfect destination than Croatia. The mainland is surrounded by thousands of islands and the best time to visit this country is from May to October.

The parties on the beaches and yachts are all year round. It is a cheap holiday destination because the essential like accommodation, food, and transportation comes with a low price tag.

On the other hand, there are beautiful landscapes and stunning architectural structures that you can wander around as well as small towns that you can explore.

Moreover, you need to use the same trick as traveling to Greece while you are planning for Croatia. In short, the timing is the key therefore do not travel during the busiest months that is July and August.



Mexico is a land of adventure with the richness of culture, nature, and food. Although the country has been always questioned for its safety, therefore, try to avoid places with too many criminal records.

But the good news is Mexico is a big country and there are many safe places and this country is even easy to travel in budget. You will be able to explore five amazing places in less than 20 USD as well as in less than 3 USD you can find food for 3 people. On the other hand, the white sand beaches are free.

Therefore, you can head to them at any time and spend as much time as you want without any disturbance. While getting around within the cities is cheap but traveling from one state to the other can be expensive. The best option, in this case, is to rent a car and split between 4 people.

This whole thing will cost around 30 USD per day. If you are planning to visit Mexico alone then try to explore a particular state deeply and then travel to other states. Do not hop from one state to another as that might cost you a fortune.


Colombia is a colorful destination with not so vibrant past. It is a destination that is becoming the fast-growing affordable destination in the world. If you are a history freak then you will fall in love with this destination in a glance.

There are many museums and historical sites in many of the cities. Moreover, if you are a nature lover then Amazon is not far away. On the other side, Colombia is even famous for its diving spots in the world.

While it comes to accommodation, transportation and food then it is very cheap, moreover, you can get a luxurious villa at a very affordable price without any discount offer. So, think about if you get a discount.

Perhaps, on meals all, you have to spend is 10 to 15 USD. It is one of the cheapest holiday destinations on our list.


If you intend to go on a Central American adventure then Guatemala is the best destination of all. This country is covered with lush green jungles, ruins, and volcanos.

If you want to take a break from the adventure then you can head to the colonial cities where you will find the past speaking to you through the century’s old structures and cobblestone streets.

This country is even known for its delicious foods and you can find a full mean in less than 3 USD. On the other hand, local transportation is very cheap and confusing as well.

Unlike other countries, there are no ticket counters and bus stops. After the ride, the driver will take the fair from you. Whereas, you can catch a bus just by waving your hand.

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