Best Surfing Destinations in Europe

Nowadays, surfing has become a common activity that travelers love to endure. People who do not know how to surf, also join surfing school to enjoy the adrenaline rush that is caused by surfing.

While we talk about surfing destinations, we find ourselves reaching for locations in Australia or Bali or some West Coast of America. But seldom do we concentrate on the spots that are in Europe.

This blog is about the best surfing destinations in Europe and trusts me there are many. Perhaps, there are even some destinations that you haven’t heard name about but they do exist.

Here you go!!

Pararica, Portugal

Lisbon is not just the capital city of Portugal but you can even call it the surfing capital as well. it is one of the most popular surfing destinations in Europe. Moreover, it is not hard to understand the reason and that is due to many types of waves such is beach breaks, point breaks, and reef breaks.

Pararica or Costa da Caparica is the longest beach in the country and it stretches from south of Lisbon to the Tejo River this beach experiences great offshore wind from the east. There are surfing options all along the thirty kilometers of the beach.

Lofoten, Norway

Norway is a great surf destination in Europe! Lofoten is heaven for many surfers and it is mostly because it has the best waves in the country. Kitesurfing, windsurfing, and surfing alone take place in this Nordic archipelago. This place is perfect for all ages and levels of surfers.

Perhaps, the climate is cold here but good quality and thick wetsuit with hood will keep the surfers warm all the time. In Lofoten, the surfers can enjoy the delightful waves, picture-perfect landscapes, fjords, and the dreamy Northern Lights. Moreover, the best time to surf in Lofoten is between November and March.

San Sabastian, Spain

With the utterance of surf in Spain what comes to our mind is bull flights and flamenco but not surfing. But you will be amazed to know that Spain is the best surfing location in the whole world and not just Europe. The best time to surf in San Sabastian is during the winter months.

However, the water isn’t as cold as Cornwall but it is quite chilly. San Sabastian is not an extraordinary place with multiple other attractions other than tourist resorts. Therefore, if you are planning for a fully-fledged trip then this might not be the perfect spot for you. On the other hand, if surfing is your only motive then it is a great place.

Ericeira, Portugal

Surf in Portugal means surfing in one of the greatest countries in Europe. This is a fisher village in Portugal that is 45 minutes’ drive north of Lisbon and apart from fishing there are amazing surfing spots such as Coxos, Foz do Lizardo, Pedra Branca, etc. the surfing conditions in Ericeira is fit for all skill level and all type of surfers.

The most interesting part of this location is that the beaches are not as crowded as other spots in Portugal. Apart from surfing the town of Ericeira is lovely to spend sumptuous time as there are delicious seafood restaurants and small bars where you can hang out after surfing. There is even a historical town named Mafra which is 15 minutes’ drive from Ericeira.

Port Blanc, France

Port blanc in France is the greatest spot for surfing in Europe due to the constant waves. Most of the waves are three to four feet high. Port blanc has hollow waves which makes it a powerful spot for surfing. Due to the nature of the waves, this location is perfect for professional surfers.

The water can sometimes get crazy due to waves and that is why beginners are not advised to try out their surfing skills here. In this location, the beaches are very crowded.

Klitmoller, Denmark

Surf in Denmark?? This place is even known as “Cold Hawaii” and Klitmoller is more a windsurfing location rather than surfing area. But still, surfers can enjoy surfing when the winds are calm but the experience of surfing will be far from the ordinary. The best time to visit Klitmoller is during the winter starting from November to the end of March.

Due to the steady flow of waves, the surfers are always happy to surf. This location is not among the most crowded ones but is now one of the famous locations and that is for Ramus Johnsen and other surfers. they are the ones who have made Klitmoller known to people.

Sardinia, Italy

There are so many surfing spots in Sardinia. Moreover, this place experiences consistent waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its waves and surroundings, Sardinia is one of the most visited and popular spots for surfing in Italy.

The best time to visit this surfing location is during the summer season. Perhaps, if you are not a surfer then you can enjoy your time by the beaches on a sunny day and relish the refreshing winds. On the other hand, there are many cultural monuments and hiking trails as well and apart from surfing, you can enjoy your time exploring the island.

Sennen Cove, England

Sennen Cove is the best-kept secret of England Surf spots when it comes to being best-surfing destinations in Europe. This location is in the southern part of the country. It can feel bitterly cold surfing in the Atlantic Ocean so make sure that you have a good warm suit.

The interesting part about Sennen Cove is that there are many surfing schools where beginners can take proper training and others can brush up their skills. The best time to surf in Sennen Cove is during the summers and if you can deal with the crowd then do not miss visiting during this time.

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