Surf Destinations: The Best Surf Spots in the World

Are you planning to go on a surfing holiday? If yes, then you’re in for the time of your life because surfing is one of the best water activities you can experience.

When surfers are looking for the best surf destination, the unpredictability of the wave is the determining factor. There’s more to surfing than launching your surfboard and paddling out the waves, it’s a mind game and the best surf spots in the world are the ones with the most unpredictable waves.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned surfing professional, here are 5 surf destinations that you should check out.

Peru, Huanchaco town, Trujillo

Best Surf Spots in the World Trujillo

Peru waves are diverse and have every type of swell that you can think of. The waters have big and small waves, calming warm-water breaks, fast rights, and the longest left in the world.

History has it that Peru native fishermen were the first to discover this sport when they started surfing on reed boats and with the amazing waves, it’s easy to see why.

Many intermediate surfers opt for northern Peru to enjoy the warm water breaks that make surfing more fun.

Many tourists and locals flock to Menorca, Peru’s most common surf and party town to enjoy the warm water, subdued waves that are great for beginner and intermediate surfers, and buzzing nightlife.

Zoritos is another surfing holiday destination in Peru that’s ideal for skilled surfers. This town is not as vibrant as Menorca but has natural hot springs and mud baths.

You can even surf in the capital city, Lima, at Punta Roquitas, minutes away from the Miraflores Boardwalk.

Hualien, Taiwan

best surf spots in the world

What can we say about the beauty of Taiwan that hasn’t been said before? With tropical forests and tall peaks and waves that support surfing, Taiwan is simply amazing. The best thing about Hualien, Taiwan, is you won’t find a lot of people surfing here, and this adds to its appeal as an ideal surfing holiday destination.

You can surf either side of this island but the best waves are on the East Coast, on the Pacific side.

Donghe beach is popular with skilled surfers while the Jinzun appeals to the semi-pros and beginners. Jinzun has varying waves all year-long and is the best place to work on your skills. However, the waves tend to swell during the North-East monsoon season that kicks in between October and March.

Jialeshui, on the south coast, has smaller waves making it the best place for beginners. The swell is moderate and the long waves are incredible for all types of surfers.

Hoddevik, Norway

best surf spots in the world

It would be impossible to surf in these icy waters if it wasn’t for the improvements in wetsuit technology.

One thing that you’ll note about this surf spot is that it’s never crowded and the beaches are wild and rugged and surrounded by towering mountains.

It’s these towering mountains that keep the wave swell low and consistent all year round making it an ideal surfing spot for all surfers including professionals who want to take it slow.

This place has a surf camp known as Lapoint where you can hire a wetsuit, attend surfing lessons, and book accommodation for seven days at pocket-friendly rates.

Waikiki, Hawaii

top surf spots in the world

Hawaii is the home of surfing and the neighboring Honolulu is one of the best places to learn the sport.

The waters at Honolulu are warm with gentle waves that roll in smoothly that you can even stand up to get the full-surfing experience.

There’s more to Hawaii than just surfing; it’s a tropical beach holiday offering delicious foods and drinks.

You can get decent accommodation in Waikiki, Hawaii at good rates. Also, if you’re a beginner looking for surfing lessons, you’ll find many surf groups that teach people how to surf and their prices are reasonable.

Lagos, Portugal

top surf spots in the world

Lagos is at the south-coast corner of the Algarve, making it an ideal surfing spot for all levels because it picks wind from all directions.

Meia Praia has moderate waves that are perfect for beginners while Zavial has everything that a professional surfer can expect from a premier surfing destination.

Lagos has everything that you can expect from a surfing holiday spot including a wild nightlife scene, sea-food restaurants, juice and salad bars, fitness classes, accommodation, flights, and surfing lessons.

How to Choose the Right Surf Spot

Choosing the best surf spot depends on your level of surfing skills and what you want to experience when you go for a surfing holiday.

The following are some of the factors that you should consider to choose the right surfing spot:

Reading Online Reports

Unless you live close to a beach, it’s important to read online reports to know how the waves are before you head out to your favorite surfing site.

There are many surf reports sites that have updated information on the swell size, the direction of the wind, and the tide.

For beginners, the ideal wave should be between 1 to 3 feet and anything bigger is for the semi-pros and the professionals or you’ll be in for a rough ride.

Check the Spot

Once you’ve located a surf spot offering your ideal wave, check the spot to know whether the wave quality is up to your expectations and the type of surfing you want to do. The best wave for beginners is slow but strong enough to give a nice ride.

If this is your first time going on a surfing holiday, choose the closed-out waves. However, the waves should not be too hard or it will be too difficult for you.

Seasoned professionals can surf anywhere they want because the condition of the wave is not a problem, actually, the more challenging the wave is, the better. It depends on what the skilled surfer wants to do during the surfing holiday.


It’s important to check the number of people who will show up at your favorite surfing holiday destination before you paddle out.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll need to avoid places with large crowds unless everyone is on the same level as you, or you’re in a group lesson setting.

The reason why beginners should avoid a crowd is you might get in the way of skilled surfers and even endanger the lives of others.

Also, a place with a large crowd means that you’ll be competing for waves with others every few minutes and you might not even get a chance to ride a wave.


Safety should be your main priority before you go on a surfing holiday. Do not paddle out if there are too many surfers or when the waves are too big to your liking.

Ask the employees at the local surf shop where you should surf especially if you’re a learner.  You can even ask fellow surfers for the best places to surf and they will gladly point you in the right direction.

Surf Away!

If you see a good wave that fits your preferred size, quality, and the right number of surfers, jump in, and paddle out.

You’ll have great fun and you won’t waste time checking around.

What You Need When Heading Out for a Surfing Holiday

Getting ready to go on a surfing holiday is tricky and you have to pack everything that you need before you head out.

The following items are must-haves and you shouldn’t leave home without them:

Bringing your board?

In the past, people used to bring their own board every time they went surfing but this is not the case these days because of extra flight charges for sports equipment.

Today, it’s easier to rent a board once you get to your preferred surfing spot.

If renting is not your style, you can buy a board and sell it once your holiday is over.

Boardshorts or Swim Suits

Pack a number of swimsuits or boardshorts before you head out for your surf session. This guarantees that you’ll have dry attire when you’re done surfing.

Ladies should stay away from string bikinis when surfing or you might lose everything in the water and end up as the center of attraction.

Carry Sun Protection

Carry a waterproof and sweat-proof sun protection cream because you’ll be spending a lot of time in the water and under the sun. These conditions are harsh on your skin and you should protect it at all costs, and reapply every time you get out of the water.

Travel Towel or Beach Towel

Unless you live near the beach, don’t choose a beach towel because they are bulky and take a long time to dry out.

A travel towel is the best option because its light and won’t take a lot of room in your travel bag.

A Wet Suit or a Rash Guard

If you’re going on a surfing holiday in a tropical destination, carry a rash guard to protect your skin from surf rash and sunburns.

Bring a wetsuit if you’re heading to a place with chilly waters.

Don’t forget to bring a first-aid kit, surfboard accessories, and an alarm.

Going on a surfing holiday is one of the best ways to relax especially if you’re taking a break from work. Choose your preferred surf holiday destination and pack all the necessities to have the time of your life. See you on the water

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