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The best trip route planner app makes it easy for trippers to find the best routes anywhere in the world. This is exactly what Travel Planner does, you can view maps, find places of interest, plan a scenic drive, and share your favorites with friends and fellow travelers on social media.

Travel Planner – The Best Road Trip Planner

Travel planner, as the name suggests, is a travel planning app that allows users to plan trips and explore new routes in various destinations across the world. With Travel Planner, you and your fellow trippers can create a road trip plan to explore all your areas of interest and make stops at designated points.

How to Plan a Trip with Travel Planner


Planning a trip with the Travel Planner is easy, and you should follow these steps:

Plan a trip based on your favorite activities

With the Travel Planner app, you can plan a trip based on your favorite activities such as hiking, mountain biking, surfing, dancing, partying, or exploring beautiful sceneries.

Planning a trip with the Travel Planner is easy, you can create a route based on the following activities that are available on the app’s home screen.

They include culture, kids/fun, nature, nightlife, sports, and wellness. You’ll also note that the home screen has other options such as interests, city, continent, distance and country, and most importantly, the search bar at the bottom.

To plan a trip, just tap on your favorite activity, such as, “nature”, and then customize with your interests like, “off-road trails”. After selecting your favorite activity, you’ll get a “destinations updated” message, and the app with revert back to the homepage.


Scroll down and you’ll see your favorite activity right under the search bar highlighted in grey, followed by the best cities where you can visit to experience your favorite activity.

Once you select your favorite city, you can read up on the things to do, check the best flights and hotels or you can head straight to planning your route.

The Travel Planner app will suggest the places that you should visit and the activities that you can do once you get there.

The map is integrated with Google Maps and you can, therefore, filter by distance to find the places near you, where you can walk or travel by car.

For users who don’t want to use the activities options on the homepage, you can use the search bar to find your favorite destination. There are 5 available options and they include:

  • Interests
  • Continents
  • Country
  • Distance
  • City

If you tap on “interests”, you can look for your favorite activities on the search bar. If you click on the continent icon, you can search for your preferred continent or your favorite country, city, or town and find the activities available in that area.


What’s more, you can even combine your favorite activities to find an all in one destination that you can visit with friends or family to get the full experience.

For example, you can combine “ancient ruins” and “architectural buildings” to find some of the destinations around the world where you can experience both activities.

Beijing and Athens are some of the options that you’ll get and you can click any of the cities to get a taste of what each has to offer when it comes to “architectural buildings” and “ancient ruins”.

Click on the heart icon to save the trip once you’ve found your favorite destination.

Trip Ideas and Recommendations

There are many ways to plan a trip and you can:

Get recommendations from friends who have been at your favorite destination – this will help you narrow down to what you like and even if you don’t agree with all they have to say, you’ll get an idea of what the trip is all about.

Check websites – Check the country’s official tourist site if you have little or no information about your favorite destination. The official websites guide travelers towards the most popular sites and you can then use Travel Planner to plan your trip and create routes based on your interests and favorite activities.

Travel blogs – there are many travel blogs that have valuable information for planning a trip especially when you’re planning to go more local into the communities. Blogs are also great when traveling alone since bloggers will recommend great destinations and services that you can get in your favorite destination.

Events – the good thing about using our route planner app is you can use it to plan a trip based on upcoming festivals, celebrations, and temporary exhibitions in the area.

Culture trip with kids – when planning a culture trip with kids, you should check whether the museums have children education packs. This information is readily available on the museum’s webpage and you can use these results to narrow down to the top museums and use Travel Planner to create a route where you can make multiple stops.

Distance – when going on a cultural trip with kids, its best to have all activities in the same area. You can do this with our app where you can select and highlight the sights in an area and then the restaurants where you go for lunch or connect with friends if you’re traveling as a group.

Food – food is a cultural heritage by itself and you can plan a cultural trip of old restaurants or new and trendy restaurants housed in old historical buildings. India is a great food destination and has the best cuisine in the world and any you’ll get a taste of these amazing dishes in any Indian town that you visit.

Once you tap on your favorite destination on the Travel Planner app, zoom in on the map to find and mark hotels and restaurants in your route.

Travel Planner Categories

Culture Trips

Planning a culture trip on Travel Planner gives you recommendations of cultural cities around the world. These cities have historical sites religious sites, old churches, cathedrals, castles, monuments, cemeteries, ancient ruins, and ancient buildings among others.

Nature Trips

When you tap on the nature icon in our app, you’ll get places to visit for amazing beach life, beautiful and challenging walking trails, hiking trails, horse trails, volcanoes, walkways, etc.

For example, if you want to go for a beach vacation, you can tap the “nature” icon or tap on “interests” and look for “beaches” at the search bar. You’ll get beach destinations such as Rio de JaneiroMontego BayLaborieErdenet, etc.

Nightlife Trips

Nightlife trips are popular especially among young adults and there are plenty of destinations around the world with the best nightlife activities.

With the travel planner, you can combine nightlife with your favorite activity such as bars and clubs and find cities offering the best nightlife activities. Some amazing destinations include Prague, Bucharest, Paris, Los Angeles, etc.

Sports Trips

The Travel Planner app makes it easy for you to plan and create a trip if you’re into sports. Tap on the sports icon and you’ll find all the sporting activities that you can think of, select your favorite and the list will be updated with the best cities to find your preferred sporting activity.

For example, if your favorite sporting activity is kitesurfing, our app has plenty of cities to choose from. Some great kitesurfing sites include Silvaplana in Switzerland, Cuyo in the Philippines, Squamish in British Columbia, Canada, and London in the UK.

Wellness Trips

Nature trips, nightlife, sports trips are all classics but wellness trips have entered into the fray to become one of the fastest-growing tourism categories.

A wellness trip promotes your health and your overall wellbeing, both mental and physical, through activities that you do on your trip.

Our app can find great wellness destinations that will make you feel better and healthier.

Tap on the wellness icon on our app’s home page, select one or more activities and your city list will be updated with the top wellness destinations.

For example, if you’re planning to go for a yoga vacation, just select “yoga retreat” under wellness and the list will be updated with cities where you can go for the best yoga. You’ll get quality yoga retreat destinations such as Perth, Australia, Mysore in Karnataka, India, Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, London, UK, etc.

The best trip route planner app, Travel Planner, brings you information about the most popular destinations around the world for scenic drives and road trips.

This app is great for roadtrippers and it doesn’t matter whether you’re going to one particular place or making multiple stops or visiting multiple destinations along the way.

Each road trip destination that you choose from our app won’t disappoint and you can even check the reviews to see what you can expect once you get there.

Search your favorite activity based on your interests, favorite country, continent, distance, city, or you can click any of the icons to find your next best favorite destination with Travel Planner.

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