Mountain Bike Holidays: Top 5 Destinations in the World


Do you feel like you need to take a two-wheeled adventure to calm your adrenaline rush? Here’s a look at five amazing mountain biking destinations that are guaranteed to give you the time of your life.

When searching for the ideal places to go for mountain bike holidays, geography and climate are the main factors that should guide you. Whether you are looking for a heart-pounding descent, calves-burning climb, pure speed, or obstacle dodging challenge, you’ll find it in these top five destinations in the world for mountain bike holidays.

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Arguably one of the best mountain biking holiday destinations in the world that also doubles up as a skiing trail during winter.

During winter, the snow completely covers the two mountains to make an ideal destination for snowboarders and skiers, but when the weather starts to warm up, the area becomes a perfect destination for a mountain bike holiday.

The Whistler mountain bike park covers over 100 miles in its 70 bike park tracks. The good thing about Whistler park is that the range caters to the seasoned professional mountain biker to the beginner.

Get a chair lift to the top of the mountain if you prefer to bomb down the mountain in blistering speed. This is not for the faint-hearted, but you’re going to enjoy the experience.

Don’t forget to take in the spectacular views once you get the top of the mountain.

The Alps, France

This place appeals to many mountain bike holiday goers across the world because it’s beautiful and easily accessible.

The Alps mountain bike range has different types of tracks to cater to the biking skills of the mountain bikers.

There is the long mountain bike trail that crosses into Switzerland and back the Alps for bikers looking for an endurance challenge.

You can go for an uphill mountain bike ride but if this is not your thing, you can take a chairlift to the top for an epic downhill riding experience.

Moab, United States

Look no further than Moab, if you’re looking for a unique mountain bike holiday destination. The red rock landscape is beautiful and one of a kind with a diverse track range.

The Moab trails are known all over the world with mountain bike enthusiasts coming from all over to experience what the track has to offer. The trails include:

  • Slickrock
  • Porcupine Rim
  • Poison Spider
  • Whole Enchilada

You can mountain bike at the Moab all year long but Spring and Fall is the best time due to the high temperatures that add to the challenge. The Moab is an off-road lover’s paradise with scenic views.

Nelson, New Zealand

This is the mountain bike destination for you if an adrenaline rush and speed is what excites you.

New Zealand is a country known for outdoor activities and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to mountain biking.

Nelson, a small city in the north is specifically known for its mountain bike offerings and it’s the best mountain bike holiday destination in the country.

It’s 3,000-foot tall peak is not the tallest but it rises steeply from the sea level to create some amazing mountain bike trails.

The Wairoa Gorge near Nelson is another mountain biker’s paradise that is bound to give rider’s unique experiences.

Crested Butte, Colorado

The United States has lots of mountain bike holiday destinations making it almost impossible to choose.

Many ski resorts in the states have expanded their activities, and many ski resorts turn into bike parks during the warmer months.

The lifts that take skiers to the top of the mountain for ski runs are the same ones used to lift mountain bikers to a world of diverse mountain bike trails.

A breath-taking and exhilarating ride down the Crested Butte is one that you should definitely experience.

With 700 miles of single track, you’ll find a track that suits your abilities but one thing that you should experience is the downhill bliss in the fall caused by the aspens as the leaves turn golden in color.

Our world is diverse and has something for everybody especially when looking for the perfect mountain bike holiday destination. Our guide of the top mountain bike destinations in the world features some wonderful tracks that you should definitely give a try. Don’t forget to wear a helmet!

How to Make a Good Mountain Bike Holiday

How to make a good mountain bike holiday

A mountain bike holiday requires good preparation and you should get everything right to have a lasting experience. The following are a few things you can do to get yourself ready for a mountain biking holiday.

Carry Hand Luggage

Bags get lost sometimes and this is a huge letdown when you’re going for a mountain bike holiday.

Mountain biking gear can fit into a hand suitcase, meaning that you can keep it with you at all times during your trip.

Keep your gloves, sunglasses, underwear, socks, and your multi-tool into your hand luggage and you won’t have any issues with security.

Contact a Local Bike Shop Before Jetting In

If you’re renting a bike for your Mountain bike holiday, it’s a good idea to contact the local bike shop in advance.

Use the internet to find the best local mountain bike shop in town and contact them before you touch down. This ensures that you’ll get a good mountain bike and all the supplies that you need. You’ll also get recommendations for riding in that vicinity.

Contacting a bike shop is great even when you’re bringing your own bike because this is the place where you’ll go for quick repairs.

Check the Braking System if You’re Renting a Mountain Bike

Many bikes around the world have the back brake on the right and the front brake on the left. However, in places like New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Australia, the brakes are the other way around and this might be uncomfortable for you.

If the braking system arrangement is not to your liking, ask the local mountain bike shop to change it for you.

Obtain a Good Travel Insurance Cover

Getting good travel insurance when going on a mountain bike holiday is a no-brainer. Check whether your current insurance covers mountain biking and if they don’t, get one that does.

The ideal insurance cover takes care of all medical bills including air evacuation and should also cover your mountain bike.

Contact your travel insurance provider as soon as something happens.

Identify and Learn About the Local Trails Before Riding

Mountain biking on a new trail is tricky especially if you don’t know anything about what the trail has to offer.

Take time to study the trails to know whether it’s shared with hikers, motorcycle riders, or even horse riders. You need to know the blocked-off areas to avoid hefty fines.

Also, the trail might have some patches that you should avoid because they are above your skill level.

Take time to know your trail and you will have a great mountain biking experience.

Get A Local Guide

A local guide is great for providing all the information you need for a particular trail. Your guide will take you the best local bike shops, eateries, and bars and this is important for a fun and memorable mountain bike holiday.

You can have the most advanced map in the world but it won’t give you the information that a local guide can about a particular trail.

Bring Your EHIC Card if You’re from the EU

The European Health Insurance Card gives visitors discounted medical treatment at government-run medical facilities across the European Union. The card ensures that you’re treated as a local, saving you a lot of money.

How to Tackle a Mountain Bike Trail

How to tackle a mountain bike trail

Mountain bike is great fun for beginners and advanced riders but you’ll need to prepare yourself before you hit the mountain bike trail.

Here are some tips to get you ready:

  • Get in shape – take time to work on your skills to build up strength and endurance before you embark on a mountain bike holiday. Swimming, hiking, working out, running, and going for shorter rides will get you in good condition.
  • Pick the right trail – choose a mountain bike trail that fits your skill level. It’s good to test yourself but you should always pick a trail that you’re comfortable with. Ask your guide or local bike shop for recommendations.
  • Carry a map – Use our Travel Planner app that’s integrated with Google Maps to find the best mountain bike trails.
  • Get the best gear – bumps, and bruises are common when mountain biking but you should get the best protection gear to protect yourself. Don’t forget to pack water and some energy bars to give you that extra boost.
  • Carry extra supplies – don’t ride alone if you’re a first-time mountain biker. Carry the necessary supplies such as hex keys, multi-tool, an extra bike tube, and a first aid kit.
  • Enjoy the mountain biking experience – Mountain biking is tough but it’s an experience that’s good for you, take it all in, and enjoy your mountain biking holiday.

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