Info about Halba, (Lebanon)

Other names for Halba are Aakar, Akkar, Halba, Halbe, `Akkar, hlba, حلبا, عكار, Ḩalbā, ‘Akkār, latitude is 34.5427800, and longitude is 36.0797200.

In Halba you can go for hiking trails, trail running, mountains around Lebanon.


More details about Halba in Lebanon (LB)

It is the capital of Akkar District.

Halba square area is 788 square km., so Halba is ideal for people who like large cities, crowdy with a lot of attractions or activities to do. Here you can find expensive hotels due to its high housing prices, and this is why you could enjoy Halba like your base if you want to relaxing in luxury tired by going around this metropolis.

Its elevation above mean sea level, or meters above sea level (M A.S.L.), is under 167 meters. That’s why this city is an ideal destination when you and your partner love plain land to see for your next travel.

Halba things to do and activities: best trip destination for:

  • hiking trails, trail running, mountains.

    Interactive Halba (Lebanon) Map and attractions

    Interactive map of Halba, Lebanon (LB).