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Other names for Nanchang are KHN, Lam-chhiong-chhi, Lâm-chhiong-chhī, Nam Xuong, Nam Xương, Nam-chhong-su, Nan’chan, Nan-cchang, Nan-ch’ang-hsien, Nan-ch’ang-shih, Nan-ch’ang-hsien, Nan-ch’ang-shih, Nan-čchang, Nancana, Nancangas, Nancano, Nanchan, Nanchang, Nanchang-fu, Nancianga, Nancsang, Nang-chiong, Nanzcangh, Nanĉano, Nančangas, Naņčana, Nàm-chhông-sṳ, Nàng-chiŏng, nan chang, nan chang shi, nanacanga, nanacham, nanachanna, nanchang, nanchang si, nantshangh, nʼnzʼng, Нанчан, Нанчанг, Наньчан, נאנצאנג, نانتشانغ, نانچانگ, نەنچاڭ شەھىرى, नानचांग, নানছাং, ਨਾਨਛਾਂਙ, နန်ချောင့်မြို့, 南昌, 南昌市, 난창 시, latitude is 28.6839600, and its longitude is 115.8530600.

In Nanchang are settled 5.042.565 folks, its timezone is Asia/Shanghai (Asia/Shanghai_cet).

Top destination for tennis, towers, religious sites, theme parks, amusement parks, clubs, boat rides, zoo, playgrounds, architectural buildings around China.


More details about Nanchang in China (CN)

It is the capital of Jiangxi. Officially its name is 南昌市 (赣A).

Nanchang has timezone UTC+08:00 (valid for standard time).

In Nanchang there are 5.042.565 folks, if we consider 2010 census. Do You want to use telephone for calling local numbers! Use 86 if you wish to call local phone numbers. It’s postal code is 330000, for this reason, for post delivery on your tripthis can be done by using this post code as described.

Nanchang dimensions are 7402 square km., good if you like to visit a metropolis, crowdy full of distractions and activities to do. If you stay in this city you may spend big money due to their very high room rates, and this is why you could find Nanchang like your basecamp to relaxing in luxury tired by visiting the metropolis.

Its altitude above mean sea level, technically meters above sea level (MASL), should be around 37 mt. That’s why Nanchang a perfect travel destination when you and family love flat land to see for your next vacation.

Near Nanchang you can find very friendly places like Hubei, Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Hunan. Because of this you and your family can very quickly visit those near destinations for new destinations in China.

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Nanchang things to do and activities: best trip destination for:

  • tennis, towers, religious sites, theme parks, amusement parks, clubs, boat rides, zoo, playgrounds, architectural buildings.

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    Interactive map of Nanchang, China (CN).