7 Best Holiday Destinations

We all need a detox from our everyday lives and the best form of detox is to go on a holiday to a faraway land. Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet has once said: “Live with no excuse and travel with no regret”. Perhaps, we even love his ideology. On the other hand, we even believe that travel makes a man wise.

While we were juggling with topics for the blog, we thought why not enhance our readers with something that can be of much importance and enjoyment. Yes, like you we are even traveling and we understand how it feels to know about other destinations. There should not be any excuses for going on a vacation as there are no special times for it nor special occasions. We also believe that travel is itself a celebration.

But if you are very dubious about where to travel then we can assure you that you are in the right place. This blog is all about the top 7 holiday destinations that you should visit. Holiday destinations should be beautiful, serene, and rich in the culture at the same time. Therefore, check out our list and also let us know which amongst these is your most favorite one.

Here you go!!

Athens: A City Is Well Known For Its Culture, Shopping, And Nightlife

Athens is a land of evolution. In this city, you will find the finest blend of traditions and modernity starting from museums to shops and restaurants to bars. This part of Greece is incredible while it comes to open-air museums and a dynamic lifestyle.

On the other hand, Athens portrays the finest glimpse of the ancient world with the majestic Mediterranean landscape. Along with that, you will even encounter delicious delights that you should never miss out on. It is the perfect holiday destination if you are in search of tranquility and relaxation.

Tbilisi: Best For Instagram, Architecture, And Gastronomy

Next in our holiday destination list is the capital city of Georgia. It is an ideal destination for travelers who admire architectural beauty and the tales behind those structures. On landing in this city you will find ancient buildings that date back to the Middle Ages.

On the other hand, if you head to the heart of the city you will even encounter Neo-classical and extremely modern buildings as well. But, amid these do not forget to climb to the top of Tbilisi and check out the Kartlis and Deda status. This city even has some of the best restaurants in the country where you can find the authentic taste of Georgia and also many street food stalls.

Cascais: Best For Beaches, Sea, And Outdoor Sports

Cascais is in Portugal and it is one of the most visited holiday destinations in Europe. This place is even well known amid the tourists for its beaches. It is located in the Lisbon Coast of the country and one of the must-see locations is Sinta which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This place has a mild climate all year long, therefore, you can visit it any time of the year. On the other hand, Cascais is even an Instagram location and that is due to the wonderful landscape as well as attraction. Apart from that, you can even relish your time in this city by indulging yourself in some outdoor sports like golf and beachside games.

Namur: Best For Nature, Culture And Romantic Break

Namur is a charming and endearing city of Belgium. It is not only a romantic destination but also the best holiday destination to visit with your family. This city is so friendly that you would love to settle there with your loved ones.

It even has excellent restaurants with a variety of foods that you have never tried before. This city is even well known for its unique cultural events. Namur even has many natural locations as well where you can relax and have a peaceful time with yourself.

Sibiu: Best Destination For Foodies And History Lovers

This city of Romania is intriguing from other holiday destinations on this list. It represents 800 years of history but it is even one of the dynamic and modern cities in Europe. The streets of Sibiu are filled with poetry and the beauty of nature.

Apart from all this, Sibiu is the only city in Romania that has 3 Michelin Star restaurants. So if you love to try some wonderful cuisines, then do not miss out on this holiday destination.

Vienna: Best For Shopping, Events, And Architecture

Vienna is one of the capital cities of love. It is a perfect destination where lovers can head to spend some memorable and romantic time. On the other hand, it is one of the safest holiday destinations in the world.

This city of Austria hosts many events like Christmas and New Year. Vienna is even famous for the Hundertwasser Museum and its incredible architecture. Apart from that, you will find many chic restaurants and trendy bars as well.

Rijeka: Best For Fashion, Culture, And Carnivals

If you are in search of a fashionable holiday destination, then Rijeka of Croatia should be your stop. It is one of the most fashionable cities in Europe and the third-largest city in the country. Not only that, but it has also gained the title of “European Capital of Culture” due to its tradition and history.

Beyond the beauty this city holds, it is even known for the Carnivals as well. While you are in Rijeka do not forget to visit the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts. In recent years it has become one of the most visited holiday destinations of the world.

The list of holiday destinations can be broadened as much as we want. We consider traveling as art and believe that traveling is always too less and also the craving of it intensifies by time.

These seven-holiday destinations are not just places but different stories that are waiting for you to reveal themselves. We anticipate that you will have a wonderful time in each of the locations and do not forget to share your wonderful experiences with us.

Happy Traveling…

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